Tommi Grönlund + Petteri Nisunen / swingers / 01:09 / 2003

Sound recorded from the magnet controller of Swingers-installation at "Todos somos pecadores"- exhibition at Museo amayo, Mexico City. Published by Touch Music [MCPS]. Petteri Nisunen and Tommi Grönlund have been working together since 1993. Both are trained architects and they realize architecture and exhibition projects in their studio "" in Helsinki. Tommi Grönlund directs the legendary seal of electronic music Sähkö Recordings. Grönlund and Nisunen usually create works that are beyond the reach of the senses. They investigate for example the way in which electricity or radiation adopt concrete forms like light, sound, heat or movement. They usually present invisible factors that affect all subtle forms of perception and phenomena
present in the space.