hlorgeschlecht / achten.dachten / 02:00 / 2004

Currently active as a trio, Chlorgeschlecht is operated by Johannes "Ostap" Malfatti (Transformer Di Roboter [wmfrec, planet-mu, klangkrieg] / Dånzen Jetzt [klangkrieg] ), Olivier Alary (Ensemble [rephlex] / Shakti-Maan / Dånzen Jetzt / Cheap Thrill [lo recordings]) and Alex Kloster (Transformer Di Roboter / Dånzen Jetzt). Chlorgeschlecht was born in San Francisco in 1999 and has since been based in Londons East End and now lives in Berlin, where Johannes and Alex are originally from. Olivier is from Toulouse [no time to loose] and moved to Montreal after being fed up with living in various cubicles in London : but like any healthy worm, Chlorgeschlecht has the ability to survive, even when cut in half, and can easily play shows as a duo. Chlorgeschlecht likes to collaborate with other artist (tracks and live shows) and has repeatedly done so with Datach'i [Caipirinha, Planet-Mu] or Richard Thomas aka Hairy Butter [lo recordings] .
The "Chlorgeschlecht Consulting" release follows their acclaimed full-length Chlorgeschlect CD "Unyoga" for French label Deco. Continuing from where they left off, current Chlorgeschlecht work is expanding their humorous songwriting sensibilities and their passion for extreme schitzophrenic bursts of digital metal is mangled into rich electro acoustic textures that even the most serious of computer musicians would be proud to achieve. They sound serious about having fun with a genuinely new amalgamation of musical sub genres and eras, and with this they give the listener a refreshing insight to creative audio riot freedom. Chlorgeschlecht won an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica for the "Unyoga" release in 2004.
03.04 "chlorgeschlecht consulting" (melange)
04.03 "unyoga" (deco)

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